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Japanese Beetles Have Landed Here In The Upper MidWest.  Control Of These Pests Is Most Effective When You Use A Combination Of Methods.

Trap 'Em


Japanese Beetle Traps are baited with a sex hormone and a floral lure.  They think they're going for dinner and a date and they fall in the trap.  Place traps 3' to 5' off the ground and 10' to 20' away from desirable plants.  Only use traps if beetles are already present.  Traps only draw from 50' to 100'.  They do not draw from miles away.

Spray 'Em

Use HiYield Indoor/Outdoor Spray in Concentrate.  Add Spreader Sticker.  Indoor/Outdoor Spray can be applied to most food crops until the day before harvest.  Spray during the day when the beetles are eating.  Do not spray during the middle of the heat of day.  These chemicals work fastest when they come in contact with the beetles.  They continue to work as a residual protection as the beetles eat the coated leaves.  Spray once a week.   Re-apply after a rain. 

Or, use the new Fertilome Systemic Insect Spray on ornamental plants.  The Systemic Insect Spray is taken into the leaves of the plant so it will not wash off with rain.  Each spray lasts about two weeks.  Do not use on food crops.

Kill The Grubs

All those Beetles will lay eggs in your yard and next month you will have grubs eating your grass roots and critters tearing up your yard to eat the grubs.   For best results apply Natural Guard Grub Control or Grub Free Zone in July or Early August.

Feed The Victims

Trees, shrubs and flowers will have been stressed and weakened by the loss of leaves after the beetles have attacked.  Feed your plants to help them regain their strength and vitality.  Ross Deep Root Feed trees & shrubs.


The Japaneese Beetles Live Above Ground For About Seven Weeks.  This Problem Is Not Going To Go Away By Itself.