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About Teske Pet & Garden Center, Inc.
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Teske Pet & Garden is a family owned business serving the Quad city area for 100 years.  You can find aunts and nephews, cousins, grandchildren and sisters and brothers working side by side.  When someone joins the Teske team they tend to stay.  We have staff members who have been active for over 50 years.  Most of our staff came about their interest in pets or gardening as a hobby.  For the Teske staff work isn't just a vocation. .  .it's a passion.

     Teske Pet & Garden offers a variety of services.   Wing clipping and nail trimming is available.  We will board small animals.  Free water testing is available for fish tanks.  Soil testing for the lawn and garden is available.  The power equipment department repairs lawn mowers, snow blowers and other small engines.  If you need something, ask.

     Five generations of Bingham relatives have worked at the 100 year old Teske Pet & Garden Centers.  Al Teske founded Teske Seed & Feed in Moline in 1922.  Carl (Ralph) Bingham started to work for his uncle Al in 1926.  Ralph took control of Teske's when Al died in 1960.  The business retained the Teske name.  Ralph continued to run Teske's with the help of his children, Terry Sr., and Vicki Grudzinski.  Terry, Sr., took charge of the store.  Ralph died in 1990.  From 1990 to present general management has passed from Terry, Sr., to Ty Bingham to Terry (George) Bingham to Darcy at present.  Jill is the manager of the Bettendorf store.

     There are currently eight Bingham family members involved in the business.  

     Teske's strives to offer high quality products, knowledge and service to the community.  Teske's is always willing to try new things while maintaining long-standing traditions.  To better serve the community, Teske's expanded to Iowa at the Bettendorf location (formerly Mr. Home Grown) in 1992.  Teske's has opened and closed a retail outlet in Davenport, opened and closed a lawn and tree service.  Ty Bingham left Teske's and bought the Teske Tree & Lawn Service in 2005.  Teske's has opened and closed a satellite plant shop located at The Rock Island Country Market in spring of 2006 and 2007 offering bedding plants during the planting season.  Teske's newest expansion is the development of the www.teskepetandgarden.com web site.  As well as serving our local community on our web site, Teske's ships pet supplies and garden supplies around the country.  We have even shipped fish tanks to Alaska.

     Things are always changing at Teske's.  Early spring interest at Teske's centers around the lawn and garden chemicals and fertilizers and the new lawn mowers.  Late spring sees most of the activity outside while customers are choosing vegetable plants, annual flowers, tropical houseplants, perennial flowers, shrubs, roses and trees.  In summer Teske staff solves lawn and garden problems and advises clients on routine maintenance.  After fall winterizing chores, Teske's once again puts on a new face as Christmas moves in with fresh Christmas trees, wreaths and roping as well as poinsettia, lights and decorations. 

     While all these seasonal changes revolve through the year, the pets are always with us, looking for a loving home.  In addition to live fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, puppies and kittens, Teske's offers all the newest sundries, accessories and diet to keep these critters healthy and happy.

     Thank you for shopping Teske Pet & Garden On The Internet.  If you are in town please stop at either our location in Moline at 2423 16th Street, or our location in Bettendorf at 2395 Spruce Hills Drive.  You will find a friendly staff to greet you with answers to your problems and a variety of live animals waiting to be placed in a loving home.