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Killing Weeds In The Yard

There Are Some Tricks To Getting The Most For Your Time And Money When Killing Weeds In The Lawn. 

Is It A Broadleaf Weed Or Grassy Weed?

Broadleaf weeds are wide bladed weeds.  Thye can be killed with Weed Out plus Spreader Sticker.  Weed Out will also kill desirable flowers and shrubs, if it comes in contact with them.  It will not harm grass.   Grassy weeds have thin blades.  They can be killed with Post or Over-The-Top.  Post will also kill desirable lawn grass; it will not harm flowers.  Crabgrass, Dallis Grass, Nutgrass Killer will kill Crabgrass.  Round Up, or Kilz-All will kill all weeds.  It will also kill any desirable vegetation it comes in contact with.  It kills everything green and growing.


Is It An Annual Or Perennial Weed?

Annual weeds grow from seed every year.  They can be prevented with the use of Treflan or Preen in the garden and crabgrass preventer in the lawn.  Perennial weeds return every year from root.  They must be killed after they are up and growing.


When Is The Best Time To Kill Weeds?

Weed killer is most effective when the weeds are actively growing.  For maximum effectiveness, water the weed area the day before applying weed killer or apply the day after a rain.  Do not water again for 24 hours after application.  Liquid weed killers are absorbed through the leaf, you do not want to wash off the chemicals.  Do not apply Weed Out for bradleaf weeds when temperatures are above 85 degrees F as the chemical may vaporize, casuing harm to desirable plants.  Weed Out will not be as effective in cooler temperatures.  Weed Free Zone may be used in temperatures from 45 degrees F to 95 degrees F.  Crabgrass killer works best when applied at temperatures over 85 degrees F.


Should I Use A Liquid Or Granule?

Liquid weed killer is more effective.  It will cause less damage to the environment, move from the soil more quickly and can be used to spot treat only trouble areas.  The key to liquid weed killers is to add spreader sticker at a rate of two parts weed killer to one part Spreader Sticker.  The Spreader Sticker makes the chemical stick to the leaves and greatly increases the effectiveness.


Can I Spray Once And Be Done?

Follow Up may be necessary for many hard to kill weeds.  Creeping Charlie and ground ivy are known to be difficult.  Even whne the top layer of leaves yellow, a bottom layer may still be alive.  Follow with a second application five days after the first.


Can I Spread Grass Seed Right After Killing Weeds Or Kill Weeds In A New Lawn?

Only if you have used Round Up or Kilz-All to kill out all green growth.  With the application of any other weed killer, wait two or three weeks before reseeding.  Do not kill weeds in newly seeded lawns until you have mowed the lawn three times.  The new lawn needs to be strong enough to withstand the strength of the weed killer.


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