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guinea pig litter

Guinea Pig Babies Born Just Hours Ago!

They must be three weeks old before they can leave mom.

These babies were born last winter.


guinea pig litter

Guinea Pig Babies At Home With The Family!

Mom and Dad are doing a good job with their new family.  The babies are getting bigger and do come out of the house at times.  And, they like to cuddle together. 


guinea pig litter

Guinea Pig Babies Out Of The Nest!

They are not as big as Mom and Dad yet, but they are getting out for exercise and eating solid foods.


guinea pig litter

Guinea Pig Babies Ready To Go Home Now!

Mom and Dad have moved out now.  These young Guinea Pigs are ready to go to a happy home now.

These Guinea Pigs Have Found A Happy Home.  

Call first to see if we have any Guinea Pigs in house today.

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